"Music mixing is not enough to be a DJ"

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The DJ show can be assigned to a house as well


Owner, Manager and International DJ, Music Producer

Techno - House - Progressive House


Hungarian DJ

Psy Trance - House - Techno


Hungarian online radio DJ, retro DJ

Dance - Club House - EDM - Pop


In October of 2017 the DJ World's life has been started. In the first two years we were an online radio with many amazing live DJ mixes. Now we are working on our new project. We will open the online service and webstore. It's coming soon...

The online service is most important for people. Why? The pandemic is most dangerous in the world and we have to protect each other. We are staying at home and we are working, studying and we have fun online. We will provide for you a great fun in the future and you can stay in safe at home. 

Not everyone DJ, who claims to be. We prefer the professional knowledge and great music mix together. Our LED display on the mixer never show red and yellow color because the red line show us that the music is overcontrolled. The overcontrolled music is making hearing damage for people and this is permanent damage to health. 

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